Vladivostok Cultural Center
Vladivostok, Russia

Program: Vladivostok Center for Performing Arts & Culture

John worked on the Vladivostok Center for Performing Arts and Culture while he was working at Asymptote Architecture. 

The Vladivostok Center for Performing Arts and Culture is an architecture as a composed ensemble of carefully choreographed elements that together form a strong, elegantly symbolic architecture high atop the city of Vladivostok. Taking inspiration and queues from modern Russian history in music, theater, painting sculpture and architecture, these powerful forms and silhouette express strength, creativity and beauty.

This new center for the performing arts and culture is a majestic strong and aspirational architecture that looks towards this and the next centuries forming a new and powerful eastern most gateway for Russia and the neighboring Asian lands. This is an architecture of music, art, philosophy and science.

Renderings: ASY ; Models: John Schwarz

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