John Schwarz is an architect and self-taught architectural photographer, he is quarter Chinese & quarter Russian and was born and raised in Paris, France. He is currently based in New York.

He holds a Masters in Architecture with honors from the Paris Val de Seine architecture school. His first built structure is a group project, the Sensory Pavilion realized while he was studying at the University of Kansas. His first interior design project is the renovation of an apartment in Antibes.

His inspirations are Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe for his minimalism, Peter Zumthor for his finesse in its rawness and the phenomenal atmospheres he creates, Louis Kahn for highlighting materials, particularly the way he used raw concrete, Luis Barragán for inspiring John to understand and be sensitive to colors and their associations and Donald Judd for the beauty, honesty of his art and for learning how to love the rawness of a material.

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